Posted by: raishussin | March 3, 2017

Malaysia’s Own Very Fake News

  1. Donald J Trump has a very limited vocabulary. He has a highly distinctive way of invariably defining everything he feels strongly about: Hillary (crooked), the election (rigged), Mexicans (bad); Muslims (banned), Obamacare (a disaster, now complicated), media (fake), and America (a mess, folks).
  1. It almost seems like Steve Bannon has written post it notes for all his talking points for him to memorize. The rest that is ad-libbed is incomprehensible and indecipherable and his aides seem to spend practically all their time trying to convert his words into a language we can understand.
  1. Sad (!) that the Malaysian Prime Minister is taking his lead.
  1. Najib’s vocabulary is increasing similarly challenged when he discusses the issues near and dear to his heart: 1MDB (foreign conspirators), RM2.6B (Saudi donors), SRC (didn’t realize), Tun Dr. Mahathir (U-Turn), Clare Rewcastle (bad hombres), MO1 (wasn’t me), critics of any kind (sedition).
  1. In particular Najib has taken the “fake news” mantra to the spread of what he calls “false” information by social media and by former UMNO leaders and he characterizes this as a “threat” – much like terrorism or foreign aggression – that the government must counter.
  1. The justification for official action against the dissent of the Rakyat is that it is being sponsored by parties with their own political agenda and with the aim of toppling the democratically elected government of the Nation. This well-worn party line needs to be dismantled once and for all.
  1. The REAL fake news that is being parroted in the officially sanctioned media is that any critic of the administration with the aim of toppling the democratically elected government is automatically an enemy of the state. And the VERY fake news is that the administration has the right to use its authority and its institutional officers such as the Attorney General (AG) and the Inspector General of Police IGP) to persecute these critics.
  1. Najib has called upon the people to work with the government to “defend” the country against those who defame it and threaten its peace and prosperity. Who, then, will defend democracy?
  1. Please, all Malaysians, understand this simple truth: the Government is yours to elect and dispose of as you wish. That is the definition of democracy. If you like them for their acts then reward them with public office; or, if you detest them for their wrongdoing then throw them out on the street.
  1. Enough of this nonsense about toppling the Prime Minister; elections are held precisely for this purpose. If a citizen votes for someone else does that make him a traitor to the government? If so, then that is a dictatorship and not democracy. The tragedy is that these days our leaders can’t seem to tell the difference. Fake news is nothing more than a narrative that doesn’t serve their interest.
  1. So, yes, let’s put an end to fake news. There is nothing criminal or treasonous in wanting to topple the government in a parliamentary democracy if it’s done by free and fair elections, not rigged ones.
  1. Not rigging elections is something even Najib’s golfing buddy would agree with. All Malaysians know that UMNO leaders will stand by the results of the next elections if they win, but the true public servant will only accept a victory that is a free and fair reflection of the true will of the people.
  1. Otherwise, in the words of America’s Tweeter-in-Chief, it would be: “So Unfair!”




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