Posted by: raishussin | December 31, 2016

A Year-end Ode to Malaysia

  1. As we usher in the New Year, the reviewers of 2016 all seem to strike low notes, despairing the Nation’s trust deficit, economic gloom, racial tensions, political discord, and more in the same vein.
  2. It’s easy to descend into melancholia over our sad state. The Ringgit closing the year at a historic low to the US Dollar is perhaps the clearest reflection of the sentiment that we’ve reached a low point.
  3. Rather than rehash all that has gone wrong on our watch and recounting each and every misdeed and injustice, I’d rather take a different tack and say to you, my fellow Malaysians, that our journey is over hills and the sea. As the poet Kipling narrated, the ups and downs and tumult of life has its own calling and despite the roller-coaster ride and turmoil we are drawn to it by an unseen hand.

Who so desires the Sea?

  1. As a nation we are facing the full might of the heave and hurl and the crash of boundless sea, and our task ahead is to save ourselves from its grey, foamless, enormous, and crazy-eyed madness.
  2. This means that our society must come together in the days and years ahead to act with integrity, live with insight, instill one another with inspiration, and most importantly to vote with conscience.
  3. Remember that the Sea can slacken but she can also thrill, so gather yourself for the voyage ahead.
  4. As a people we have been torn by the immense and contemptuous surges of lies and injustice. Instead of standing firm against these outrages, many chose to shudder, stumble, and swerve.
  5. The strength of our rakyat is in its unity, and no blunt force may break it if it remains committed to the common good instead of the unwarranted gain of a few elite at the expense of so many others.
  6. Take heart that the orderly clouds will eventually replace the lightning and thunder of the storm.
  7. Those who have voiced their dissatisfaction and dissent have felt the wrath of swift menaces without any mercies. The unstable hand at the helm has steered the ship to this groaning course.
  8. It is our duty as patriots to task ourselves with the restoration of our Nations honor and well-being as a labor of love, despite the temporal discomfort and dangers that may come along the way.
  9. Have faith that just as our fathers have dared to traverse the Sea, so our children shall dare it also.
  10. Our leaders’ foremost regard must be to serve their people. Their loneliness in their kingly courts must not distance them from the outermost streets where common men are beyond their reach.
  11. This oversight of the rakyat is truly a betrayal of the office, the constitution, the institutions, and the very foundation upon which the house of the Nation is built to last for generation after generation.

Hillmen desire their Hills

  1. Just as hillmen desire their hills, we Malaysians desire our beloved Nation back and must yearn to the noble task of reclaiming it from those who have usurped the land and thrown us out to water.
  2. Hence, please think and reflect how can we, how must we, reclaim our Malaysia from the hands of those who have destroyed it.
  3. The opposition coalition must think beyond party lines and must forge an unshakeable unity to take on the power of incumbency of the existing administration i.e. UMNO/BN.
  4. It is time to think and act for the opposition coalition, how best to win the election, form the next government to save the nation. Magnanimous negotiations in seats allocation, common manifesto and power sharing is more important than advancing one’s party’s agenda. For once, let it be, genuinely the people’s agenda.
  5. Will we for the very first time, think magnanimously, negotiate magnanimously and act magnanimously, as the alternative means, a continuous theft of the nation by the current administration.
  6. More than any time in the history of Malaysia, people are yearning for change, hoping for a credible alternative. Will the opposition coalition rise to the occasion of providing such stewardship or brittle to their own party and petty ways, enabling the ruthless UMNO/BN to continue their theft of the nation?
  7. If the opposition coalition fails this time, there will be no better time in the future to wrest the power as UMNO/BN will consolidate its power base and the biggest losers will be the people, the rakyat.
  8. So if the opposition coalition is serious about bringing change and hope for the people, they must focus their energy towards winning the general elections, forming the government and saving the nation. No other party, petty or personal issues must be given prominence. So start the ball rolling magnanimously and stay focus on saving the nation.
  9. Don’t expect a different result by doing the same thing. Think and reflect!
  10. God knows we need a better year from the disastrous 2016.
  11. I hope it will be a Happy New Year 2017!


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