Posted by: raishussin | December 15, 2015

Deciphering the Olive Branch !


  1. The last six months have been unique in Malaysian political history. A massive well-spring of alleged wrongdoing by the top political leadership has been unearthed in full view of the local and global media, press, and public, and a resulting outcry of dissent has rippled through the rank and file of public servants and private citizenry.
  2. The democratic system itself has been held hostage, and parliamentary process discarded. The constitution has been compromised beyond immediate repair, and the economy, the currency, and the good name and standing of the Nation has plummeted to heretofore unseen depths.
  3. And yet, incredibly, the ruling faction has emerged “triumphant”, with a vice-like grasp over the mechanisms of state power as well as the public narrative. It’s a classic David and Goliath storyline, with the unhappy ending (thus far anyway) of Goliath trampling the underdog.
  4. These underdogs, by bravely staking the moral high ground, have dignified themselves in the public eye, and even amongst some of their political peers. As such, their gambit has been effective.
  5. However, having distinguished themselves, they are now called upon to reach for so-called olive branches and retreat to the fold. And, if they wish to play the long game, this may be advisable as the most practical way to preserve a relevant place within the political hierarchy.
  6. Relying upon public sympathy for protection is risky; loyalty (as we’ve already seen) can be fickle and the people’s attention-span short. Given the luxury of time, the administration will surely bide their time and strike at an opportune moment to clean-house of dissenters. Indeed, they have already signalled their intent on so doing by offering a last-chance “redemption” for wayward party members, or else.
  7. Yet the so-called olive branch offer and the accompanying threat of punitive action are both canards. They are merely the bark of a chained dog who cannot reach its mark – and while this is perhaps an insulting analogy given the sensitivities of Malay culture, there is also a line between remaining docile and running amok – of which the leadership is well advised to remind itself.
  8. A magnanimous person with big heart will never thump his chest saying that he is magnanimous with big heart. Rather he will show it in action by being tactful and circumspect. Najib was shouting his lungs out on the microphone playing to the gallery, while Muhyiddin sat there magnanimously and manifested his big heart by even shaking Najib’s hand. Now that is an unspoken magnanimity with humongous heart.
  9. In fact, the real insult is to assume that 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donation fiasco will be swept under the carpet. And life goes on !
  10. The real insult is for Najib to proclaim that “whoever goes against the president also goes against the party”. This must be one of the most nonsensical philosophy that Najib tried to sell in UMNO. If ever this is bought and taken by UMNO, then it spells the beginning of the end of UMNO.
  11. Equally, the real insult is the cowardice of completely silencing your opponent while self-aggrandizing yourself with bravery, nobility and magnanimity. The Bugis community that has a proud heritage of bravery must have felt very low on this day when one of their own showed how low he can get to protect his own interest in the expense of the greater interest of the people, party and the nation. Shameful beyond words !
  12. And the biggest insult is the Emperor parading himself naked (not a pretty sight given the smallness of heart and everything !) in full view of 3,000 spectators yet applauded by his sycophants for his fine imaginary garments.
  13. The day before the General Assembly, Muhyiddin held a rally which drew more than 3,500 people, enthusiastically asserting the voices of the 3.5 million UMNO members ignored by the favored one percent. Not forgetting the remaining 26.5 million Malaysians who are holding a watching brief of hope. It served as a taste of the dissent that lies beneath the calm of the official narrative.
  14. And it has rung the alarm bells that something hot is threatening to flare up into full-throated dissent. They represented righteous men beset by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men, and any scholar of scripture should know that this ends badly for the evil ones. This perhaps accounts for the hailing of The Holy Quranic verses in the wrong and narrow context, at the Assembly; of courting PAS under the guise of Islam and One Shahadat, where Najib that is the One graced with the Creator’s blessing. Remember another of the “Anugerah Tuhan” rant. This is truly arrogance arrogated with impunity.
  15. Joceline Tan of The Star, a mouthpiece  of the Prime Minister(and so incapable of impartial analysis except sing the praise of Lord to Najib), never opined more aptly when she wrote that ‘Politics is a cruel game’. She conjured up a vivid image of Muhyiddin hobbling around with his leg cut off by the incumbent. Yet his head has been spared – a fate which it remains to be seen if it is afforded to his predecessor.
  16. Muhyiddin yesterday posted a photo of a message, written on a napkin or serviette, which read: “We are all for you and praying that your struggle is not in vain.” Amy Ho who wrote this even paid Muhyiddin Yassin’s breakfast that morning without even him knowing it. This is from a rakyat who happen to be there.
  17. It would serve the leadership well to take note of this sentiment, which is not that of one citizen but of all her citizenry as seen in Amy’s message going viral in social media !
  18. So what really is this olive branch being offered by Najib at the top of his lungs ?
  19. Is it an olive branch or stage managed act to create perception about being big hearted when no one except the sycophants of Najib believe that he is !
  20. Is it a slippery olive branch offered half heartedly by Najib just to please the assembly attendees and their demand ?
  21. Is it a calculated move to create a perception that Najib extended the olive branch (though no one really knows what the hell is the olive branch) and Muhyddin spurned it out of arrogance ?
  22. Muhyddin has reiterated umpteen times that he has diligently followed and supported Najib’s vocation in all spheres of his Presidency except on the national issues like 1MDB, 2.6 billion political donation that ended in Najib’s account, the lack of good governance and more importantly how it has impacted and impacting the rakyat ? Is Najib and his sycophants are too deaf, too dumb or too blind to see this ? Verily the rakyat is not deaf, dumb or blind.
  23. Islam means peace. All Muslims wants peace. Peace as being advocated in the Quran and exemplified in the Sunnah of the Prophet. Invoking Quranic verses or Hadiths just to support one’s parochial and utilitarian view is a very dangerous thing. What more when the Haditha was quoted as the Quranic verse by Najib ! Perhaps Najib’s speech writers are under the influence of Marijuana !
  24. 24 means sure die in Chinese. If it remains status quo at UMNO with scandal ridden Najib at helm, does that mean UMNO will also sure die in GE14 ?





  1. Well thought article. For those intelligent malays and true muslims, there should be ablr to distinguish between truth and falsity, reality and fantasy.

    To the writer, keep on writing this type of article. You and JMD, coupled with OTSB and Apanama could provide the pressure on the right thinking malaysian to reject the current umno regime

  2. Excellent write up Dato’. Maybe the subject matter is there to destruct UMNO by PRU14. Maybe UMNO need to fail…….One of the learning points from history is no nation can be strong without being tested. Failure will force one to reflect on its own self. Reflect and re-learn. Without failure, we may not grow in terms of our wisdom. Malays need to face failure in order for them to realize where their strength and weaknesses are. UMNO now is overly too corrupted that cause its blindness. Money politics is becoming a norm. Why is 1% ignorance enought to reject the wisdom of 99%? When power greed and money greed become the sole purpose of life, it is a matter of time before one see its own destruction. That is UMNO! Let us hope the ’24 sure die’ is wrong. Let us hope Malaysia remains its glory. Let us hope UMNO realizes its survival may last another year if the voice of 99% continues to be rejected!

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