Posted by: raishussin | December 8, 2015

Unite in Profit

  1. Meek sheeps of UMNO, it is that time of year when your party is called upon to unite. Unite in profit!
  2. UMNO delegates, the annual General Assembly is all about getting what’s yours – namely, your share of the UMNO booty. Don’t be short-changed this year, when your Masters who call themselves your leadership needs you to toe the line more than ever before in your party’s history.
  3. After all, your President admits he took his share in advance, allegedly RM2.6 billion, directly into his personal account. Never mind that would be illegal under both the Nation’s penal code 165 as well as sections 16 and section 23 of MACC anti-corruption code. It is both illegal and morally reprehensible for public servants to accept gratuities without consideration, let alone billions of ringgit in “donations”.
  4. But if he can do it so can you – until such time you’re prosecuted in a court of law (but never mind, this can be fixed as well with draconian laws or lack thereof). The precedent is set. You must also demand your cut of the donation – if it really was a party donation, that is, and not just a personal handout. And if it was a party donation, then please use the discussion forums of the General Assembly to find out where the money went from his personal accounts back into Singapore and on to God knows where.
  5. After all, why should Singapore get your share of the booty? Please herd together to ask whether the money was sent back to AmBank in time for the AGM, and this time insist that it to be deposited in UMNO’s account so that you don’t have to wait for the Wall Street Journal to tell you where it is!
  6. Although, if some of you are not the thoughtless sheep that the Masters who are your leaders take you to be, then you may have figured out that there never was a donation in the first place, but rather money allegedly stolen directly from the people, bypassing you. Even the most naïve sheep amongst you will bleat that that’s not fair! If the people are allegedly being stolen from, and that too by your party, then you as the people’s representatives should get your cut before it’s sent on to the Singaporeans.
  7. UMNO delegates, the alternative is that for once you have to think for yourself, and stop being treated as sheep. Instead of being mindlessly following the herd even to your own certain death, speak up for what is right for your constituents who you represent as well as the Nation you serve.
  8. Do we need Singaporean think tanks to point out to us what’s obvious? “The only way UMNO can turn things around for itself is with a new leader, a new agenda and a new direction in leadership.” Of course when Ooi Kee Beng says this it is with the expectation that is exactly what you will NOT do.
  9. Still, we know that sheep only follow their leaders. So just do that. To start with, you can follow your own President, who has instructed you clearly: “Stop spreading and believing lies, and stop doing things that don’t bring any benefit.” This is true. It will bring you no benefit to end your Party’s rule. Make no mistake; that is exactly what you are doing if you don’t call for your President to step down or at least take a break until full unimpeded impartial investigations are completed on 1MDB, RM2.6 billion donation and SRC. That will be good start towards credible reform and change.
  10. Most importantly, listen to your Deputy President. He has openly warned you not to take for granted that UMNO will retain the Malay vote if you do not rid yourself of the money politics that has become a cancer in the party. And he has bravely called upon you to refocus yourself towards your grassroots and towards democracy. UMNO’s 3 million are following him on this, what about you?
  11. In your closed-door proceedings, you don’t have to answer to the people, only your conscience. Sheep don’t have a conscience, but human beings do. So stop being sheep and do the right thing.
  12. Will you ? The 3 million UMNO members are watching ! The 30 million Malaysians are watching ! The 7 billion world population are watching ! More importantly our Maker, Allah SWT are watching ! Avoid incurring Allah’s wrath !
  13. I have written critically, made impassioned plea, persuasively argued my case using primary sources of Shariah like The Quran and The Sunnah, presented historical events to emphasize the points, gone down on my knees, cried, prayed profusely to our Maker Allah SWT so that He will open up hearts and minds to save UMNO, to save Malaysia.
  14. Now it is your respective turns, UMNO delegates, to do your part towards ensuring UMNO reinvents itself, relevantize itself for the betterment of the people, ummah and importantly our beloved nation, Malaysia.
  15. You have no choice ! Do the right thing, you will gain the felicity in this temporal world and in the eternal hereafter.
  16. If you do nothing and be contented with stipend handouts, then nothing can save UMNO for its inevitable destruction.
  17. The ball is in your court ! Think and reflect. Do the right thing !
  18. Selamat Bersidang !



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