Posted by: raishussin | December 1, 2015

Who will extract Excalibur ?

  1. Tun Abdul Razak once instructed: “As civil servants, I hope you will stand up to us politicians and not allow yourselves to be dominated by us. Because in true democracy, the civil servants have a duty to perform. The future of our country’s democratic way of life is dependent on you.”
  2. This quote was used recently by highly intellectual, Harvard-trained Tuanku Sultan of Perak Dr. Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah, during his birthday speech in Kuala Kangsar reminding all of us the importance of adhering to the pathway of democracy as enshrined in our constitution, protecting democratic institutions that enables the voyage.
  3. Unfortunately, those who took Tun Abdul Razak (I remember crying when watching the black & white live telecasts of his burial over RTM1 then)  at his word have paid a dear price at the hands of his son. And others, notably  Tan Sri Apandi Ali and Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, will surely answer for their disregard, if not in this temporal world in the audience of their benefactors, then for all eternity in the presence of their Creator.
  4. Now that the opposition has been rendered useless given their consistent egoistic posturing and never ending bickering, 2,483 delegates remain to decide the fate of Malaysia at UMNO’s upcoming General Assembly. Will they do right thing by the People, Party and Nation, or they will sell their Souls for blind loyalty in exchange for political “considerations” or “intoxicants” like power, relevance and even wealth. Remember, recently a pure democrat defended his acceptance of RM1,000,000 from Najib stating “if I cannot ask from my President, who else should I ask from.”
  5. We appeal to the hearts and minds of UMNO delegates, whether through Democracy or Religion, Conscience or Ethics, Reason or Faith, we must move them somehow to pay heed beyond the temporal world and remember the everlasting hereafter when they will meet their Maker, Allah SWT.
  6. Hope is not yet lost. There are those who have lit the candle and are holding up the mantle. “As an elected leader, I must discharge my responsibility,” said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at a recent rally in his support in Pagoh.”Let me be ‘chopped’ and ‘beheaded’, I will still be loyal to UMNO.”
  7. Now is the time to speak or forever hold your peace, especially because it may well feel like an eternity until UMNO will be given another chance to lead Malaysia, if ever. Those who can will run away to London or Geneva or Astana or New York, if they take them, but the rest will pay the price of Purgatory here.
  8. Echoing my junior at IIUM, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman’s indictment that “In the end, it’s all about you and not about Malaysia,” it’s important to remind the delegates that they will be judged not only by history in the distant future, but also today by an outrage amongst the Rakyat that is gathering steam.
  9. Now that the rule of law, and the bureaucracy and institutions that administer it, have been allegedly compromised, it is no longer a foregone conclusion that the twin scandals of 1MDB and the RM2.6B will be resolved through words alone. We may have already joined the ranks of banana republics.
  10. Let us consider a checklist for meeting the grade: 1. a deterioration of the parliamentary democracy and the constitutional integrity of the Nation – check; 2. loss to the currency, economy, financial markets, and foreign investment – check; 3. destabilization of the government, the bureaucracy, the independent bodies charged with oversight, the police, the rule of law, human rights and freedoms – check; and 4. a failed state and general laughing stock amongst Nations – well, mercifully, not yet.
  11. The question is whether you, the UMNO delegates – perhaps the last gatekeepers to chaos and commotion – are willing going to allow this to happen on your watch and be remembered forever for such. Let us hope for the sake of Malaysia and those who are beholden to her, the answer is No.
  12. Hence my appeal to all the delegates at the UMNO GA. You have immense responsibility to safeguard the party, people and the nation. Our Maker will certainly ask you in the Day of Judgement. Will you be able to answer Him in the hereafter without any guilt ?
  13. Remember Imam al-Ghazali once wrote “there is no act of religous worship greater than to Allah than JUST GOVERNANCE”. Prophet Muhammad SAAS also clearly said ” One day of justice by a JUST ruler (or leader) is better than the continual worship of sixty years.” So the notion of doing whatever we want to do, outside or inside the realm of Islam and go for periodic cleansing Umrah or Hajj is no longer a prudent proposition especially when, as Muslims, we know that this world but a temporal one while the life in the hereafter is an eternal one.
  14. Also remember, that the Prophet Muhammad SAAS also said that “the man most beloved and closest to Allah is the JUST leader, and that the man who is MOST HATED and contemptible in the sight of Allah is the unjust leader.” I would imagine that none of the UMNO delegates or anyone for that matter would want to be in the category of the MOST HATED by Allah SWT.
  15. And as Imam al-Ghazali aptly wrote that if the power of administration is devoid of justice and compassion, it will descend to the VICEGERENCY OF SYAITAN, where corruption will manifests itself in all spheres as what the Holy Quran (Al Araf, 7:16-17) has confirmed : ” I (Syaitan) shall surely lie in ambush for them (humans) all along Thy Straight Path, then I (Syaitan)shall assault them from before them and from behind them, from their right and their left.” Meaning Syaitan will be using all methods, physical or meta physical, temptation of wealth, beauty, power or relevance, anything under the sky or beyond to deviate us. UMNO delegates must decide whether they want to be the Vicegerent of Allah or Vicegerent of Syaitan !
  16. I go down on my knees to appeal to all the UMNO delegates in the forthcoming UMNO General Assembly to think and reflect deeply on the way forward for the party, people and the nation. The power is in your hands for now, but as Allah SWT promised in the Al Quran, that “Allah never changes the condition of a people unless they strive to change themselves” (13:11) and “O you who believe! Whoever from among you turns back from his religion, Allah will bring a people whom He will love and will love Him…”(5:54).
  17. Is it asking too much for what is obvious ? will the UMNO delegates wake up and do the right thing ? Or will they continue to succumb to the temptation of satanic impulses ?
  18. I pray truth, justice and fair play will prevail ! Am I asking for too much ? Are we, Malaysians asking for too much ?
  19. Let us love the party, people and nation more than ourselves or what we get in return for our blind loyalty. Let us do the right thing !
  20. Will you UMNO delegates ?






  1. I hold your hand and go down on my knees with you Rais, for the love of the country and the people, my family and my friends.

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