Posted by: raishussin | November 27, 2015

You First, Country After

  1. “When we find that people accept people who are corrupt, are very supportive of corrupt people, very soon everybody will be corrupt,” said Tun Dr. Mahatir. He went to declare unapologetically: “When you stick out your neck, be prepared to have it chopped off.”
  2. On the latter point, he has been questioned by the Police – a first for any former Prime Minister – but refused to answer any questions, nor has he since backed down from his incessant and urgent calls for his Party’s current leader, Najib Razak, to step down and resign his Posts.
  3. On the former assertion, his fears seem to be justly borne out, anecdotally at least. At a recently concluded World Islamic Economic Forum, a very linked and highly-pedigreed Dato’ Seri opined that even if Najib took the RM2.6 billion, so what? It wasn’t your money money or mine and calm still prevails on the streets in Malaysia. In other developing countries middling politicians, not even Party Leaders, steal that amount every year, so if one cannot accept it they can just vote with their feet and leave! i.e. leave Malaysia ! Wow !
  4. Of course this same Dato’ Seri – and others echoing his views – have simply adapted to survive in the current political climate, and would change his tune overnight if Najib actually got the boot. He will then surely say: “Of course it’s better that we do not have this type of allegedly grand-scale corruption.”
  5. In reality, the Nation has been destabilized and the Rakyat – the elite and common man alike – are simply trying to save their skin, so they rationalize what has happened to ensure they don’t stick out as a dissenting voice. It’s weak, true, but very normal. As Dostoyevsky said, most people will take their freedom and lay it at the feet of the first person who would accept the burden from them.
  6. Proponents of truth and justice are few in number today, but resolutely determined to rise to the task of ensuring that Malaysia does not meet the sorry fate of relegation to the ranks of banana republics and failed states. They will be heralded as modern heroes when the political tide turns.
  7. Bank Negara Governor, Tan Sri Zeti, has stuck to the script that the Ringgit will recover once “domestic issues” are “resolved”. For seasoned watchers of Central Bankers and their arcane speak, who are accustomed to decoding their cryptic messages, it’s clear that what she is actually saying is that the currency will only rebound off its 25% decline when Najib is done for and goes away.
  8. In the meantime, her message has the effect of signalling the global currency markets that the country’s central bank will do nothing to support its currency until this eventuality transpires. It translates to an open invitation to speculators, hedge funds, foreign banks and other deep pocketed punters to make some easy money at the expense of Malaysian businesses and citizens.
  9. A harsh approach, maybe, but nonetheless extremely effective. The global financial markets have a way of delivering desired results immediately while politicians, journalists, lawyers, accountants, and their ‘committees’ dither back and forth ad infinitum. Just look at the PAC, the MACC, the DGP, and the AG. They would like nothing more than to ride out the rough waters.
  10. But Najib should take note; he may be the head honcho in his back-yard, but in the global landscape of international money markets he’s simply a pink-lipped footnote to history. Najib will eventually fall, if not now by his own hand, then in a couple of years by the full force of the voting public – at which time he will also take down his party and its sycophantic hangers-on with him. The debate should now move on to what the new leadership should do to change the mechanism of checks and balances and ensure that such travesties of allegedly abuse and corruption do not recur.
  11. Will the UMNO delegates hearken to the call of ensuring truth, justice and fair play reemerge as one of our strongest offerings to the world  by restoring our democratic institutions through credible democratic reforms ?
  12. Or do they even understand democracy beyond lip kissing leaders hands in exchange for the temporal “worldly” currency in the expense of eternal currency in the hereafter ?
  13. Can the UMNO leaders, for once, think beyond their respective positions and relevance ? Or that is too complex to comprehend, defeating even more complex econometric modelling ?
  14. Can anyone in UMNO top leadership, for once, stand for Malaysia ?
  15. Or status quo ?

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