Posted by: raishussin | November 26, 2015

All the PM’s Men

  1. “There are many other channels for people” to discuss 1MDB and the funds that appeared in Najib’s accounts, said Dato’ Seri Hishamuddin Hussein, one of the party’s vice presidents who is also the defense minister. “We have more important things to discuss during the assembly like the future of Umno.”
  2. Yeah, right.
  3. One of the main such channels should have been the upcoming UMNO General Assembly; instead the proceedings of which will now be closed to the media with only the president’s – that is, Najib’s – speech to be telecast. This is a break with history and tradition, and a slap in the face to the very openness and transparency that the Malaysian public and international observers are calling for.
  4. In another break from protocol, in the desperate hope of keeping party infighting or reforms under wraps, the deputy president, former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is now one of Najib’s sharpest critics, won’t officiate the opening of the women and youth wings meeting at the assembly. He has been prevented from doing so.”We want to ensure a positive atmosphere and smooth running of the event,” Najib said.
  5. Of course you do !
  6. What can one write to undo this ill-conceived decision not to allow media to cover the event? Now a sudden u-turn to allow selected friendly media to cover. Or will there be another u-turn ? Who is really making the decision in UMNO ?  Perhaps point out that it marks the first time in UMNO’s history. And that another first includes preventing the elected and sitting deputy president from speaking at his own party’s annual meet.
  7. Or that this was the first time the UMNO Supreme Council convened at the Parliament instead of UMNO headquarters; the first time participants to it were informed by way of private invitation selectively; the first time the assemblies of the Wanita, Youth and Puteri units will be opened by their respective chiefs and not the deputy president; and first time delegates are restricted in speaking about issues.
  8. You get the idea.
  9. Should we now compare UMNO to a communist party convention of yesteryear or even in North Korea these days, where propaganda and party line must be adhered to, clapping of hands are rehearsed choreographically, with no place for democracy, freedom of speech, thought, political expression and the like? No wonder Tun Mahathir will be a no-show, one can hardly blame him.
  10. Of course, it is plainly obvious that no amount of persuasion will induce Najib to change his mind. He has done much worse in the name of protecting his precious democratically elected personage. But just as simple, straight facts are the reply to his verbal gymnastics, there is an answer to this as well.
  11. The answer is social media. The old tried and true tricks of propaganda and censorship don’t work today my friends. On the contrary, the media coverage will be even more sensational than if they had openly allowed it, thanks to the disgruntled delegates who will surely leak videos, posts and texts from the proceedings. Thanks to technology the kimono will be flapping wide open in the wind and wonder what we will see inside !
  12. And, if that fails, there’s always Nelson Mandela. Ignorant that his quote would one day travel through time and space to invoke UMNO delegates to rally against a culture of fear and oppression, he sagely foretold:  “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”
  13. UMNO delegates take heed. Stand up and be counted NOW ! or face the consequences of been shown the exit in GE14.
  14. Think & Reflect !



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