Posted by: raishussin | November 10, 2015

More Questions, Less Answers

  1. “If this is how Tun Dr Mahathir is treated, the democratic right of ordinary Malaysians to question and criticise the government is in serious jeopardy,”This from the man who, some say, is sitting in jail today for criticizing the policies of the same person who he is now defending. Ironic, perhaps, but it speaks volumes about the state of Malaysia today.
  2. Lim Sian See has rattled off a long list of queries directed to Tun Dr. Mahatir in his LSS Report blog, ostensibly to extract truth behind his motivations and actions. But truth is in rare supply these days, and Lim should get in line behind 30 million members of the Public who also have some questions.
  3. First and foremost, let us stop playing footsie. The foreplay has gone on far too long and it’s time for some good old fashion action. The question is: Has there been commitment of grand theft, larceny, fraud and corruption, not just on the watch of the current administration but by its leader himself? Important question.
  4. Second: Is the attempt to cover these actions resulting in the deterioration of the parliamentary democracy and the constitutional integrity of the Nation; as well as loss to the currency, economy, financial markets, foreign investment and ultimately the overall quality of life of the average citizen?
  5. Third: Will this lingering stalemate result in the destabilization of the government, the bureaucracy, the independent bodies charged with oversight, the police, the rule of law, human rights and freedoms; and will it turn Malaysia into a banana republic, a failed state and  general laughing stock that will tickle the lungs out of Mr. Bean ?

Salvation, if not Truth

  1. So far no one has proved any of it false. They have simply tried to obfuscate, to threaten, to sue, to imprison, and to use a veritable medley of words and excuses, some of them so ridiculous that it bears an unforgivable insult to the implied intelligence of both its speakers as well as their audience.
  2. Let’s leave the question of whether any of this is true or not as it has been disclosed and reported, and just please answer this: What is the level of confidence, trust, and faith in the leadership today? What will be the opinion of the voting public in an election today, or even in one scheduled in 2018?
  3. Will this be the end of one-party rule in Malaysia? Will this cause a fracture of UMNO so that it is no more than any one of the opposition parties in size and influence, and more likely less so. Will this usher in an era of chaos as the vacuum sucks everyone into its maelstrom and spits them back out?
  4. Is the likelihood of this scenario increasing month by month, day by day, minute by minute? Is it the responsibility of every citizen to try and minimize this likelihood, or to encourage it? Is it patriotic duty to stand by and watch the country dissolve into sparring factions, race politics and jungle law?
  5. There are so many questions to answer, Lim, not just yours. Should we start with more questions and less answers? Should we spar in semantics for some dubious moral high ground while the wealth and well-being of the Nation is being stealthily stolen? Forget truth, Lim; let us find Salvation.
  6. Truth and Salvation are not the same things, after all. With so many questions and so few answers, let us not look for truth, my fellow countrymen, but let us simply look for salvation. Please save not only us but also yourselves, and go! Just like you have come after us, they will surely come after you.

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